Sunday Services

WA Government's Phase 4 COVID-19 apply.  Numbers are restricted in accordance with Covid safety plans.

Regular Service Times


  • The service generall follows the Anglican communion service with some variations.
  • The service & hymn booklet will be provided on arrival.
  • The celebrant (minister) will guide you through the service.
  • A play-area at the rear of the church is available for young children.
  • Baptised members of mainstream christian churches are welcome to Holy Communion


  • A traditional Anglican Service following A Prayer book for Australia
  • Hymns from An Australian Hymn Book II
  • Baptised members of mainstream churches are welcome to Holy Communion

What to expect when I visit?

What are the services like?

At St Georges church the services follows A Prayer Book for Australia for service which is the official form of service for the Anglican Church of Australia.

At St David's, the form of service follows A Prayer Book for Australia for the most part but with some minor variations.  You should receive an Order of Service booklet and song sheet with the hymns (words only) and Psalm.  A hymnbook is available on request (the hymn numbers are printed in the song sheet)

The priest taking the service will direct you at the appropriate points if there's anything required of the congregation.

At certain points we gather around the font and around the altar and you will be directed when it's time to do so.

The music is usually in the traditional hymnson pipe organ and choir on alternate weeks. A soloist may sing the main verses of the responsporial Psalm, with the congregation joining in the response (the music for the Psalm will be printed in the song sheet).  If the Psalm is spoken the words will be printed in the song sheet.

Morning tea follows the service at St Georges, and in the Hall at St Davids.

Considering the COVID-19 restrictions, gathering around the altar or font may not be possible.  Morning tea will not be served at either service in the forseeable future.