Five Advent invitations we can say yes to …

This is the business of Advent. This is the business of the Examen. This is the business of us at all times. As Richard Rohr states “Because God is forever coming into the world, it is always Advent.”

With the Examen we can commence this liturgical journey of Advent moving closer to the Star of Bethlehem where God’s divinity meets our humanity prayerfully considering us in God’s world, and God in us.

There is an Advent Study book journal - "The Grace I Seek, a Daily Spiritual Journal" downloadable for printing, for $3.00.  See below for the link.

Advent invites us to say yes to five invitations.

  • The invitation to tell the truth.  
  • The invitation to yearn.
  • The invitation to wait. 
  • The invitation to notice.  
  • The invitation to imagine.

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