What is Baptism?

Baptism is used by many Christian and Orthodox churches as the rite of initiation in to the church.  In the Anglican Church. It is a reminder of the amazing truth that God loves us, that God adopts us as his own son or daughter, and that God desires that we live our lives under his blessing. Baptism is be celebrated with family and friends, as well as the church as a whole.

At baptism, we are welcomed into God’s family. The service of baptism and the symbols contained in it are reminders of our place in God’s family. These symbols are reminders of what God is doing as the baptism is taking place.

We love baptisms because they remind us that God's love is continually being renewed in our midst. We love baptisms because we are honoured to be the community of faith into which people choose to be baptised, or into which they choose to have their child baptised. Most of all, we love baptisms because it provides us with the opportunity to welcome people into our midst… people who may be living lives of great faith, people who may struggling with questions of faith, or people who may be grappling with what they believe.

What's next?

If you are interested in baptism for yourself, or for your child, we would love to talk with you about it. Please contact the parish clergy so that we can arrange a time to meet with you.

Reception as a communicant member of the Anglican Church of Australia

Christians from other traditions who have been fully initiated in that tradition may be admitted to  commuicant membership of the Anglican Church through the Rite of  Reception into Communicant Membership.  This rite may be inserted into the service of Holy Communion, Baptism or Confirmation.  Normally this Rite is performed by  the bishop.


baptism water

Out of which new birth happens. Just as water is essential to our physical life, so the living water of God's love sustains out spiritual life.


baptism oil

The person being baptised is annointed with oil, reminding us that God has chosen us as his own.

Sign of the Cross

baptism cross

The priest makes the sign of the cross on the forehead of the person being baptised as a sybmol of being Christ's own forever.  Live as a Disciple of Christ..

Baptismal Candle

baptism candle

A symbol of the holy spirity, alive on those baptised.  A symbol of new birth in Christ and that God's love dwells within those who have been baptised.


Confirmation is the rite by which a person usually in young-adulthood reaffirms the promises made by their parents and Godparents, and decide for themselves to continue to live by the faith of the Church.  This rite is done by the bishop